I like to think for a good laugh

If you haven’t checked out our Facebook Page DO IT!  Then you will like it and then you will have a smile on your face with all the awesome things we slap up on that bitch.  The other day when I had a big ‘ol shit eating grin on my face, I thought of an old site that a friend of mine introduced me to years ago –xkcd.

Overall xkcd is a very good nerdy comic book strip.  Math, romance, game references, comic book shout outs, its all there.  Someone of the comics that you randomly go through will probalby be over your head, but you’ll find your friend who is reading it over your shoulder laughing their balls off.

All stick figurs, but you don’t need to be fancy to have it be just a good time and almost always worthy of a visit.  The three in the gallery above, were a couple of recent random ones that I really liked.  Hope that you do as well.

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