Magik (Marquette) Vs. Bizzaro (Miami)

When Magik got back to the base, she started putting things into perspective. She was looking through the communications across the globe and noticed that there were some fights going on between superpowers that didn’t quite add up. She knew that something needed to be done to stop the madness, and since she was still finding out how far her powers that she recently acquired could go, she decided to take the next challenger head on. It was some guy that people were calling superman. But this person definitely didn’t seem all that super.

Bizzaro was finishing up his ice cream cone from his last battle when he decided to go check out a movie. It was while he was waiting outside the theater that he got blind sided by a green rock.

“This should put you down,”said Magik, as she threw another kryptonite rock at Bizzaro. Little did she know (like everyone else who has fought him, that this was not Superman, but Bizzaro Superman. And that green Kryptonite did not hurt him, but made him stronger.

“Me not like people throw rocks at Bizzaro,” said Bizzaro. He then turned to his attacker and shot Magik with a dose of heat vision.

Not understanding why the kryptonite didn’t work, Magik decided to go for the next thing she looked up that could defeat Superman: Magic. As she hit him with a gauntlet of spells, Bizzaro only laughed at the small girl who spoke in a funny way.

“You talk funny to Bizzaro. Me want to be friend,” said Bizzaro.

Magik finding it odd that this man-child was not affected by her magics decided physical prowess was what would win. However, she knew this person was much more powerful then her. As she dodged his “hug” she noticed another person’s presence.  It was at this moment that Mephisto revealed himself. With a dope like this Bizzaro, maybe he could be enough of a distraction for him to cast his own spell.

When he started the chant, Bizzaro heard it and interfered. Like most team ups, the heroes of the story need to fight first before setting aside their differences to fight a common foe. Magik started to cast her own spell that would freeze Mephisto while he was making friends with this bizarre man of steel. Her spell went off, and Mephisto was trapped.

“Yeah, We lose,” said Bizzaro.

“What, we just totally won,” said Magik.

“No, Bizzaro lose,” said Bizzaro. Magik was starting to see that this person was an opposite of everything she had heard of this Superman Fellow. So she went with it.

“Yeah, we lost. Its a shame that the loser has take this person back home now,” said Magik.

“Okay” said Bizzaro. “See you later.” And with that, Bizzaro took a frozen Mephisto off of earth. Magik didn’t know where they went, but she had bigger fish to fry. The man who broke up the Phoenix Force was set to arrive any minute to throw down in the next round.

Mephisto, having to listen to Bizzaro talk about how they were going to be the best of friends while they flew through the cosmos decided maybe trying to get someone to beat Magik was not worth the trouble. He would just sit back and watch as the tournament commenced.

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